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Takedowns? What are they?

As a word - "Takedown" is pretty self explanatory.

Takedowns are basically physical maneuvers utilized to get an opponent either flat on his back or to get him belly down. There are several combat sports that teach takedowns - Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, Wushu, Catch wrestling to name a few.

But its practical application? Why should you learn it?

From a combat sport point of view - Takedowns can reduce the risk of getting hit by your opponent since you are taking away his base and utilizing gravity to give you the advantage in terms of ground and pound. Standing up, everyone has the so called puncher's chance of swinging and connecting and getting a KO victory, but once the fight hits the ground technique and leverage comes into play, eliminating the lucky shots.

From a self defense point of view - You should know takedowns even if you never intend to take anyone down. Proper technical training in sports like wrestling or judo will teach you how to anticipate and how to maintain proper safe distance from an aggressor, reducing the risk of you getting taken down in a confrontation specially on the street.

From a fitness point of view - Takedowns are a brutal combination of intense cardio vascular exercise and muscular endurance. In short an intense full body workout.

Takedowns are for everyone, beginners to advanced, for kids, men and women. It is an essential life skill with multiple benefits.

Still curious to know more. Contact us and start training right away.

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