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    Do I have to be a martial artist/Athlete before I join?

  • Not at all. Everyone who joins us starts from a beginners program and goes according to the progression required for him/her.


   Do I have to be fit before joining?

  • No. Fitness is a result of training. Especially if you are trying MMA, no matter how fit you are, it requires a very different kind of physicality which you will not reach unless you start training.


   How do I get a six pack?

  • Getting a six pack is a result of three things – workout, diet and rest. If you are missing anyone of these, you will not achieve your goal.

   Do I have to compete?

  • No, competing is not a requirement rather a good opportunity to test your skills. It is completely upto the individual.

   What equipment do I need while showing up for class?

  • You do require a few equipments – Boxing gloves, handwraps, gum shield (Ask the coach for sizing). Apart from these comfortable athletic clothing (round neck t-shirt, track pants/shorts/tights, a towel, a water bottle, an extra t shirt, a good attitude and a will to work hard are required.


   Is it safe?

  • Yes it is. The class and specially the sparring sessions are monitored by the coach thoroughly and the classes programmed in such a way that the intensity and contact aspect only emerge with experience. We aim at longevity and try our best to avoid circumstances that might lead to injuries.


   What are the classes like?

  • All individual classes are an hour long. It starts with a ten minute dynamic warmup followed by sport specific warmup of another ten minute. Next is a technical drill session of upto twenty minutes followed by either a sparring session or other such drills to utilize the technique learnt during the day.

  Is there a refund policies?

  • The memberships are non refundable, non transferable and cannot be frozen. 


  Can I avail a trial class?

  • Yes you can, but good things don’t come for free. Drop in to our Academy to know more.  

   What makes Reign MMA different?

  • We are passionate about what we do and guarantee 100% genuine training. Our aim is solely to help you reach your goals and create a fun family kind of environment which you would love to be a part of.

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