I'm an endurance athlete. I joined here only because I was promised a completely personalised workout. It's an amazing place to train in strength and conditioning with complete attention from the trainers. Not to mention the very fun atmosphere makes sore muscles worth it.

Adventurer / Entrepreneur

Pruthwik Janamatti


I've been training here for around 2 months now, and it's been powerful. The coaches here push you, but never beyond your limit. They consider individualized training very important.
They give a lot of importance to the techniques being taught, and they care about each student.
It doesn't matter where you are in your fitness journey. If you're looking to learn MMA, or if you're looking to get fit, I'd definitely recommend joining Reign MMA :)


Richa Thomas


One of the healthiest workout spaces in my experience. Perfect place to grow as a fighter and as a person. The coaches are extremely dedicated, patient and focus on the right kind of techniques. They care about every student and encourage them to strive for their respective goals.

Environmental researcher

Neha Mohanty


An incredible place to start one's training. It's a different experience over here when compared to other gyms.

Learning and Development Specialist

Dona Baby


Started by one of the best and most experienced coach in south India, best academy for Fitness enthusiasts and also for fighters. Highly recommended. Reasonable fee structure as compared to other MMA clubs.

MMA fighter / Software engineer

Derick Daniel


Great place to learn mma both for beginners as well as experienced. Friendly environment with good intensity when it comes to learning/training for the combat sport.

IT / Amateur fighter

Partha Sarathi


The best place in Bangalore to get trained, conditioned, sparred. Coaches are the best, they always track each and every students individually and bring out the best in you. Not an ordinary gym or a corporate gym to waste your money and time. This is a serious place to get even your Mind trained. I started loving MMA totally from here I couldn’t stop myself from training for a single day This is the place where I push my limits each and every day to get stronger. Big thanks to both my coaches.



Reign MMA is an exceptional academy in every way. My personal experience here has been fantastic. Coaches take a very diligent interest in the students, making the time and effort to find and fix and improve technical gaps and also have a great way of breaking down techniques for students of all levels. Furthermore, the environment is friendly and most importantly very safe. We get to spar with skilled training partners. Whether you are looking for a great way to get in shape or are quite serious about competition, this is definitely the place for you!

Piyush Singh


Highly recommended place for fitness and sports enthusiasts. All round personal attention and very well experienced coaches, who are dedicated to bring out your complete potential.. there are many mma outlets out there but surely this is the best. SIMPLE. CLEAN. PRACTICAL.

Praveen Murali


I have been hitting this gym from its nascent stage. The gym has all the equipment’s required for training. The highlighting feature of the gym is it's been headed by Mr. Vignesh Nathan. He is a dedicated and well-experienced coach you can ever find in the fighting and fitness industry. I would bring an anecdote “during my MMA training process I felt impasse and low confident of my skills. Under the constant training from him, I improved the game in few weeks”. I travel daily from Koramangala to HRBR just to train in this gym. Training from this gym one gain a lot of experience and skills. The gym offers you an extremely good bunch of experienced players to further improve one’s skill. Anyone who is looking to pursue a MMA career or improve the fitness or want to hold a good skill in self-dense can join this gym. I strongly suggest this place for MMA training.

Defense Researcher

Abhishek Sunil


If you're looking for a welcoming environment, legit training and great coaches. Give them a visit!!


Imlijungba Longkumer

Strength training.jpg

This is one of those places which is hard to find - not because it's difficult to navigate to Reign MMA(it's in a easily accessible place, BTW) but because it's a gem of a place.

The head coach, Mr.Vighnesh has a decade of experience under his belt and that shows in the way he trains us - students. He's friendly, understand the needs and the present physical + mental capabilities of a student and pushes them forward from there on. Individual attention is the key here. Your doubts, your fears, your limitations are tended to by the coach - always. You can often hear him say "Just get to the gym and we'll take care of the rest". By 'us' he means himself and his fellow coach Mr.Shijith. Shijith will shower tough love on you - he will make sure you push yourself every single day.

The coaching is contact based which means that whatever you drill(learn), you'll be using on your training partner who will resist and fight back - just like in a real life scenario. This enables your reflexes to be ready for whatever that you may have to face.

The schedule is well designed, the classes are extremely engaging and friendly. Once you're in the gym, you automatically become a part of the clan - not only your coach but everyone who is in the gym will help you out.

The workout space is well designed. All the necessary equipments are present which you'd need to build strength & stamina. The washrooms are extremely clean which is another plus. People who want to get to work/college right after your workout, this place is for you.

Workouts that are included - Bodybuilding lifts, power lifts, Conditioning, Olympic lifts, Kickboxing, Wrestling & Jiu Jitsu.

In a nut shell - the coaches are great, the classes are fun and the things that you learn in the gym will expand out into your life outside the gym(Dedication, discipline, consistency and what not!).

Technical Head

Nishanth Nag


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