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Can Kickboxing help you lose weight?

You want to lose weight? The solution - calorie deficit.

Calorie deficit can be achieved through either exercise or diet or a combination of the two.

So is kickboxing the right sport for you? Well, YES!

Kickboxing is a sport and an intense one, which combines cardio vascular benefits of aerobic exercises with the muscular endurance benefits of calisthenics. The end result helps you lose fat while preserving muscle.

Kickboxing is a full body workout when done the right way. And i don't mean cardio kickboxing, I mean authentic Dutch style Kickboxing.

The kickboxing classes at Reign MMA will take you through a variety of drills. You will learn proper kickboxing technique including footwork, punches and kicks, you will go through contact based partner drills to teach you practical use of kickboxing and improve your reflexes. You will also end the class by doing some heavy bagwork or mitt work or sparring with your team mates.

600 plus calories burnt by the end of the hour. And you'll have a ton of fun too.

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