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Assistant Professor

I started my journey with Reign in the lockdown through online training in June 2021. It was refreshing and Coach is fabulous, with great attention to detail and immense knowledge of MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, and other forms of similar combat sports and arts. I was hooked! Physical training began for me a month ago. I started attending regular training sessions and within a month I feel a lot more focused, confident, strong, and yet humbled.

For someone like me, who has ADHD, focus, is extremely difficult. Coach pushes you to focus and with a strong dose of discipline and tough love, Reign MMA forces you out of your shell, out of your rut, and puts you on the path you want to be on!

As a woman in India, feeling physically strong, confident, and capable of defending off an assailant are extremely valuable traits. Reign, just within a month, has got me very close to achieving these goals.

Reign did not just help my body feel stronger and closer to combat-ready, it also helped my mind feel stronger and more focused. But one of the most important aspects of Reign is the team, the people, my fellow trainees. The range of people from pro fighters to beginners are all extremely helpful and under coach's watchful eye, we help each other get better everyday. It is like having a second family!

Thank you Reign Mixed Martial Arts




When I joined this place owing to my passion for learning martial arts I never realized that this would become a part of my daily routine.

Vignesh Sir, our coach is the best trainer you could ever get. If you feel a student is overpraising his teacher then, you are welcome to experience it yourself.

He will teach you at your own pace. So, there are no worries even if you are a complete beginner. He focuses on getting the technique right and not on your speed of learning.

The only thing needed from you is a passion to learn and our coach will turn your passion into a skill in just 2 hours a day provided you remain persistent and consistent in your training.



Motorcycle Racer

Absolutely love this place! There's something new to learn everyday and one can never get bored here.
It's just been two months since I started my MMA training here and I can already notice so many changes both physically and mentally.
Being a professional Motorcycle Racer, Reign MMA is helping me be both fierce and patient in the right way which is definitely contributing a lot to my performance on track!
Would recommend this place one hundred percent!

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